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K6.2 Upgrade - Where's the Link?

  • So my admin "snoozed" the 6.2 upgrade info to next month?! and I didn't get to see the link that explains the procedures/steps etc. Can someone please post that link here? Or tell me how to un-snooze the message?

  • Try this: www.kaseya.com/.../welcomeK2v62.aspx

  • Thanks Brendan! Given all these recent posts where people are having trouble with the upgrade, as we currently do not have the means to setup a test environment, would it be better to wait it out for the issues to be resolved or?

  • As a best practice, it would always be recommended to deploy any upgrade like this in a test environment.  No matter how stable an upgrade is reported, you can never truly predict the full outcome of the install.  If you don't have the means to setup the test environment, I would recommend a full backup or image before the upgrade process just to be safe.

  • With a username like yours aren't all your upgrades going to be knightmare's?  HAHAHA HAHAHA (I couldn't resist!)  As with any upgrade, there is variability between each kserver out there, and that means some bugs will show up.  There are lots of customers who aren't seeing any problems whatsoever with the upgrade.   I can't give you an estimate on how long to wait, but I will echo sbrown's recommendations about testing or at least getting a very current backup and image of your server should things go south.  If you're like most of our customers this is a mission critical app and the upgrade should never be taken lightly.  

  • Hey guys,

    Thanks for the responses... One thing I noticed was someone talking about "the remote control feature will be available for 6.3" ... Is Kaseya planning on changing the remote control feature again? What exactly is the new one based on? Can I get a link to the details of it, as we offer the "KLC Portal" as a PROD feature to our clients as a means to securely access their desktops for teleworking and cannot have this compromised. It was bad enough with 6.0 when RDP was broken, then based on community demand restored; the flack I took was not fun to say the least!