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Network Discovery

  • Has anyone been using the Network Discovery module?

    Seems like it can be very helpful but i know there were some problems with it in the past (caused some problems on the server it was installed on...). Everything was probably resolved but any comments or suggestions?

  • I havent used it for a while - I dont expect any development on it now that Kaseya have bought intellipool

  • Never heard of intellipool, ill do some research thank.

    The main thing I wanted Network Discovery for was to find new devices on the LAN. I can use a LAN watch but its difficult to determin between the computer and other devices that dont get kaseya agent. Does intellipool help for this?

  • @etabush

    I think Kaseya Directory Services is wat you need.

    Connect to active directory of yout customer and you can see all computer accounts (even user accounts)