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Does anyone know the status of Kaseya's Product Roadmap for 2011?  Particularly interested in software metering.  What plans/timeline is in the works?

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  • Our CEO is checking with Kaseya's CEO on this... it was on the roadmap back in 2009 (mentioned two Kaseya Connects ago), but we haven't heard much since.  I'll post here if I hear anything definitive...

  • Hi,  Is there any update on this subject.  Software metering is very important to our organisation.

  • No...I haven't heard a peep.   Kaseya....what's the story?  Is this or is this not a feature that will be available soon.  I don't want to buy a separate package to meter my software licenses.

  • Software metering still on the plan right now as a part of an Asset Management feature set.  Are there specific features you are looking for?

  • dare I ask timeframes for Asset mgmt brendan

  • You can dare.  I don't have an answer, but I'm guessing its a bit out there on the horizon.