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Disk Volume showing as zero

  • Hi,

    One of the servers I look after contains a D: partition, on the same drive as the C: partition, but the agent doesn't appear to pull through any data from the D: partition but it does from the C: partition. The D: does contain data, approximately 105Gb in size with approx 60Gb of data but it shows as zero, for both total size and free space, in Kaseya. 

    This causes me a problem as one of the aspects we monitor for our customers is available free space on their drives.

    I have un-installed and re-installed the Kaseya agent, re-scheduled audits, both baseline and latest but nothing is coming through. I have noticed that the drive contains a lot of compressed folders, does this make any difference? I'm sure that quite a few of our other customers have compressed data and don't have this problem.

    The server in question is a HP Proliant ML150 G6 with Windows Server 2008 Standard installed.

    Please help.


  • Here is what I'm seeing:

  • Gary, why is there no file format listed for that drive?  Does one show up if you go into that drive's properties?  Is this an extended partition?

  • Also, what version of Kaseya?

  • The drive shows as NTFS in the properties.


    We are using Kaseya, which I agree is the old version but we are upgrading over the course of the next year or so and have been in discussions with kaseya about this as we have over 30,000 clients online with us.


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    Also, what version of Kaseya?

  • Here is a view of the setup in Computer Management:

  • We just saw this issue yesterday. We're on version 6.1.

  • I have seen this as well. With earlier version of the 6.1 agent. When I finally upgraded to the latest, it all worked.

  • This is only happening on 1 agent out of 30,000 so I'm thinking there must be something different with this drive in particular, just can't figure out what

  • What has K support told you about this?

  • Haven't logged a call with them yet, was trying to figure it out as I'm assuming it is an issue with the drive itself, not Kaseya.

  • Hello,

    I assume you can see the correct data in the perfmon.exe?

    If so, check the Performance and Alerts service. Make sure it is running as the local admin. (Look at Service Properties.)

    Here is a Microsoft KB on a related problem. (This talks of SQL performance counters, but the same applies to disk counters, etc.)