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Network Access driver stability and compatibility

  • When I first started using Kaseya a few years ago I was advised by fellow work colleagues to avoid the Network Access driver unless I wanted to have fun dealing with bluescreens and the like. It was the unwritten thing that was 'never to be spoken of'.

    Now I am using the Kaseya SaaS service and I am looking at how we can better utilise it and revisiting this area of the software.

    How are other people finding the use of this driver? Are there many issues with it these days?

    We do have a few apps that also use network driver interfaces (Riverbed Steelhead Mobile client, VPN software) which would take priority over the Kaseya features.

    So far I have enabled the driver on my own laptop to see how it fares, but interested in other user experiences.

  • I was told this was only an issue with legacy network adapters and Windows 2000 systems. I have used it myself on many systems without any problems including VMware, XEN and Hyper-V / MS Virtual Machine VM's. This is something I would only use if it is required though...