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Agent template question - preventing procedures from running right away

  • We have several agent templates setup for different client types.  Most of these have a set of procedures tied to them - baseline audit, patch scan, deploying various software updates, Ninite updates, etc.  What happens when a new agent is deployed is that these procedures run as soon as the agent checks in the first time, I'm guessing because they were 'scheduled' whenever the agent package was built and are now considered 'past due'.  It would be great to have an option like 'skip if past due' that would apply only on the first check-in.  Or some other way to let these events start running only AFTER the first check-in.  So that way, procedures would start running that night instead of the middle of the day (or whenever the agent was installed).

    Has anyone else found a good way to deal with this issue?  Thanks!

  • Do you use "re occurring schedule" or "run now" to apply the procedures to the Agent Template and have you tried to schedule them and use the "skip if offline" option?

    I know what you are talking about getting the scripts/procedures to execute in the correct order when building agent templates is a great pain in the ass which is why so may of us were holding our breath for the Policy Management module. Sadly it might be a pay add-on which will mean some of us will have to continue struggling with this very old work around option method that is called "Agent Templates"

    I normally rearrange the procedures by rescheduling them and put the set credentials before any of the other custom procedures that might need credentials will run.

  • We typically use the re-occurring schedule.  So for example let's say we setup an agent template to do a patch scan every wednesday at 2am, do an audit on saturday at 4am, and run a Ninite script sunday at 6pm.  We built that agent on may 1st, 2011.  When we go to deploy it to a system on June 1st, those scheduled events are now 'past due' and run as soon as the agent checks in.  because of this, we have to avoid setting templates to do anything that might have a ton of overhead and remember to manually go in and apply those schedules later.

  • use the skip if offline, yes the procedures will still run but will see that it was offline at that time and should skip ... if it is not working that way (to tell the truth I never noticed or looked even) then Kaseya needs to fix it ....

  • Ok that makes sense - I guess I wasn't visualizing skip offline to work that way but it makes sense. I'll check that and confirm that it works as expected.  Thanks for the feedback.