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Last Hotfix May 27?

  • The last hotfix I received for my VSA was on May 27.  Maybe that's OK, but it does seem abnormal.  I'm used to Kaseya patching things like madmen daily, and for them to have "fixed" everything for over 10 days now... I just find that to be a little... unlikely.  Can anyone confirm that the last hotfix was indeed May 27?

  • mine shows the same, strange for Kaseya

  • Same here.  No idea why.  Everything must be fixed!!

  • Same here for the VSA. KAM has not received a hotfix since May 5th, 2011 and I know it still has bugs.

  • We are revising the process by which hotfixes get built, tested, and pushed to customers.  I've asked when hotfixes will start going out again.  I'll keep you posted when I hear.

  • I think this i the reason:

    Since kaseya pushed out a faulty BUDR hotfix  (BUDR 4.0 hotfixes 456-459) all updates have been stopped!

    This hotfix has deleted all Database entrys from the BUDR Module!

  • @ Richard - that's totally correct. BUT i think it's a very GOOD thing K is reviewing there internal approval method for HF's. We've experienced the BUDR problem to and K support did a good job on getting it fixed ASAP (in our case atleast).  we don't want te experience something like that again, do we?

    @ Brandan, thanks looking forward to hear about the status on this too !

  • @ Hans den Boer

    I completely agree!

  • I just noticed this too, glad to see it's not an error on my kserver.

    Perhaps when hot fixing resumes, KND will work on our customer sites that have ISA.. *fingers crossed*

  • I notice that de latest hotfix date is updated again after May 27 (actually it is at June 7 now) but there are no new entries under the HotFix History button. The question arises: aren't there any new hotfixes or did K stop publishing the contents of the HF.

  • I'm still at May 27...

  • My server is at todays date.  When I look at the history all I can see is hundreds of hotfixes dated June 8-11 from top to bottom.

  • Ok, this is concerning.  I have 3 different VSA's that stopped hotfixing on the 27 of May, and now at least two people in the community are telling me that they have newer hotfixes.  Can others chime and and post their most recent hotfix date so that I can call Kaseya if I have to...???  Mr. Cosgrove?

    Thanks all!

  • I am at HF level 19937 dated June 7 but see no applied hotfixes under the Historie button after May 28.

  • Happy to chime in, to say I know that the internal hotfix process has been getting reworked internally, and I've been told the details will be announced this coming week.  The changes are centered around ensuring that hotfixes are more thoroughly tested and vetted through QA which means more stable hotfixes.  All good things.  :)  I believe the new process is starting to churn out some hotfixes which is why some of you are seeing newer dates.  However, I'm not sure about what's happening with the History button.  

    I will of course ask around internally for more details.