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Amazon Kindle


    I have a Kindle 3G and out of curiosity I logged into my kaseya interface and was able to lookup a machine group and run an Agent Procedure.   One word…. Slick!

    $189 dollar device with lifetime 3G internet Probably my best tech purchase of 2011..


    Oh and you can purchase and read books on it too!  lol


    [edited by: c0rs0 at 3:06 PM (GMT -7) on 5-31-2011] pic 2
  • What no screenshots? ;-)

  • Hm. Kindle? Which mobile clients can i use for my kaseya?

  • I would love to see a picture.  Use your camera and upload a pic for us.  Too cool!

  • Added Pics

  • Hoping someone  adds screen shots of doing this from a nook, psp, DS xi  :)

  • Nice!  Love it.  What a fantastic device.  Now I kind of want one.

  • As I understand it, the 3G bandwidth allocation is very  limited & you have to pay for anything over the limit. I'm curious how loading Kaseya plays with that. I would assume you'd hit the limit pretty quickly.  

  • humm....

    in the screen shots i was working via a WiFi connection but my first tests where on 3G. I wasn't aware of the "limits"

    looks like im going to have to go back and read the fine print.