We've been having a problem with Quick View all of a sudden not working since Feb 6.   Though possibly a patch broke it and Kaseya 1st level support had no luck so sent it on to development.   Of course I got tired of waiting.   Review the error that we were getting back, did some checking on the SQL Query that it was trying to execute and found that it was timing out on a couple of custom manual entry audit fields.   We have a number of fields but only these two had a space or dash in the name.   I reviewed the data within these fields but found nothing there so it had to be the name.  Renaming them did not resolve the problem but deleting them did.

I thought important to share here because there were two results.

1) Quick View now works.
2) The entire system is now faster and we are seeing far less CPU usage.

The latter was an unexpected surprise but somewhat makes sense that if we were seeing this type of timeout on Quick View, where else was this having a similar type of effect.  Then again maybe it's just that people were consistantly trying quick view or one other component that used these fields.