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Kaseya Directory Services is supposed to be released today <crosses fingers>

  • I'm looking forward to this feature since I already thought it was in there when I started with Kaseya but quickly found out the domain field on the logon page is almost just for show.


  • Here's hoping that it will be released but after reading the PDF I feel slightly deflated.  It looks like it will be an excellent addition should you be using Kaseya in an internal environment but unless I'm reading this really poorly it'll be very little use to an MSP. I really wouldn't want customers AD's to sync with my user groups within Kaseya but I would really, really like the ability for the techs to be able to create/delete/reset users from the console.  Time will tell I guess.

  • I saw the presentation of this at the connect in vegas this year and it looked great. I'm REALLY LOOKING forward to policy management.

  • Directory Services was designed with MSPs in mind.  Directory Services will allow you to set a policy allowing your techs to reset passwords, enable accounts, and disable user accounts on your customers domains from the Kaseya Web Console.  You don't need to sync your customers user accounts with the Kaseya user accounts to accomplish this.  Instead, you can set a policy to just create staff member records in Kaseya that correspond to the users on your customer's domain.  These staff member references give you the password reset/enable/disable functionality, and also allow you to reference the users contact information (name, email, phone number) during the ticketing process.

    We are extending the controlled release period for Directory Services, so it will not be generally available on 9-May-2011.  We will send out communications when Directory Services is generally available.

  • Both DS and policy mgmt due out today but nothing in the mailbox so far.....

  • Thanks for clearing that up Kevin.  I read through the document and also got a colleague to do the same, we both came to the same conclusion that it was more focused towards inhouse but I stand corrected.

    @mmartin - Kevin also alludes to the fact that perhaps DS will not be released yesterday.  Pity.

  • I asked Kaseya on twitter for a download link for directory services and they said they are still testing it. Shame.

  • Guess it has been postponed until the 21st.

  • That's not so bad.  Where did you get that info and is it going to be a free add-on or not?

  • Our POC at Kaseya gave me the heads up. From what I gather, you will be required to pay for this module. As of right now cost has not been announced.

  • My NAM said it would be inlcuded for MITSE customers so I'm not exactly sure

  • Is it a bad sign that the 21st is the day of the Rapture?

  • That's why they've pushed it back to that date! They actually have no intention of releasing it...

    The Trickery... oh the trickery....

  • so the 21 came and went.  apparently KDS was raptured.

    On a serious note Kaseya communicate is key.  If you keep us well informed we can tolerate missed release dates more easily.

  • Looks like they pushed the release again until the 24th (today) doubt it happens though