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Kaseya Templates/Schemas for Crystal Reports or SQL Server Reporting Services?

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Hey guys,

I'm looking for an easy way to report basically what the System > License Manager > Licenses tab displays in Kaseya. I know that some of you use Crystal Reports or SSRS to make your own custom reports... does anyone have any cool report schemas/templates to share? They don't have to be about License Manager..

Is there an already easy way to report what's in License Manager? Basically I want to know which workstations have either and/or BUDR, KAM, KES, or a special auditing software installed



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  • We are also looking for information such as this - I understand that there are other posts with SQL Queries but to be honest I do not have the expertise to use or implement them effectively.

    Would appreciate anyones comments on this and would also share any findings... Thanks in advance.

  • bumb ...

    ... any news about templates? ;)

  • Alex, I'd like "Resurrect a 9 year old thread that's still relevant" for $200.

    I've got a ticket in to support for this, but they don't seem to understand.

    My first question in the ticket was  "We are looking to do direct reporting from the SQL DB and need more documentation about the schema, etc"

    And they sent link on how to reinstall the schema.

    They then sent me this page protect-us.mimecast.com/.../ogKQC689J3t061mNSvP2iL , which does have some useful info, but not what we're looking for.

    They then sent me link to this page:  protect-us.mimecast.com/.../w_tjCW6qNYUXLPqEtxIQ48   which also doesn't help.

    Has anyone got any good info/mapping of the schema?

  • I don't have documentation per se but i can probably give you pretty decent large "targeted" queries with aliases for table names that should point you in the right direction.  Can you pick like 3 areas of interest and i'll post them?

  • Your benevolence once again graces me. /bow





  • The Kaseya SQL schema is proprietary and may change without notice. Kaseya do not release details, you need to reverse-engineer. Officially, you should use the API for any interactions.

    Having said that, he DB is fairly easy to understand....anyone with a head for SQL can generally work it out without too much drama.

  • These were requested from my co-workers: