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ignored events still in DB?

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At the moment we're having scripts which write to eventlog if antivirus is still up to date or not with an eventID 990. We see those events in the alarm summary.

Now we're having our own applications who pulls those eventID's 990 from the kaseya database for our reports, if the virusdefenition is still up to date.

Now i'm wondering if it's possible to not show those events in the alarm summary anymore? Since we just close them all the time. I'm thinking of ignoring them, but I dont know if they still appear in the database then. Does anyone know?

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  • Hello,

    When you "ignore" an event, it is still loaded into the database. The only effect is that no alert / email / ticket is created.

    You can put events on a "black list". This will prevent it from being added to the database, but will still allow alerts / emails and tickets to be created.

    More info help.kaseya.com/.../4251.htm and search for "Global Event Log Black List"