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Hi Kaseya-Staff!

Is it possible to create a forum for german kaseya users in german language? So we connect us, not for technical reasons, but much more for the business and to connect us together ...

Greetings, kai

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  • ... german-speaking ... not only germans...

  • Hi Kaseya,

    I think this would be a nice.


  • We are working to roll-out regional discussion areas inside the community.  The community framework will still be in english for now, but it will be a place for you to discuss things in German.

  • @Brendan: Sounds great! Can't waiting for it ... ,-)

  • @Brendan: Sleeping while you roll out your regional forums?

    Any people interested in a user-group in germany? I'll love personal contact to discuss solutions with kaseya with german technicans.

  • Hi Kai,

    yes Kaseya's sleeping and yes I'am also interested to discuss with german technicans!