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Video Streaming unreliable?

  • Hi All,

    Since we started using Kaseya, we've experienced what seems to be a lot of trouble using the Video Streaming feature to connect to remote desktops that don't have an agent installed.  Prior to upgrading to Kaseya 6.1, my colleague opened a ticket re: this issue and got a few suggestions that didn't help much:  disable firewalls at the remote site, launch as an admin user (this is almost always the case.)  We have more trouble connecting to Vista and Win7 machines than to XP.

    We're a managed services provider and don't always have control over the remote environment.

    I'm curious to hear feedback from anyone else using the Video Streaming tool in a similar manner as us.  I'd guess our success rate is somewhere around 50-75% and we've been forced to rely on other remote support tools, which we'd rather not do.  In other words, does the solution suck or is it something in our environment?



  • Yes its not realiable, imo its a fancy opcio, but you canhandle it whit he chat, or even just remot control

  • We use it, or try to use it a lot, and have had limited success with it and have since cut back on its usage.  I'm not so quick to blame Kaseya for most of the failures just because of the people that we're dealing with... that and the fact that UAC tends to hinder this.  Given more time to actually find out whats going on when we try to use it would be helpful but often, time is limited, and then there is the end user factor.

  • Thanks - my experience has been similar to that.   We're only attempting to use Video Streaming for clients without a support contract - basically incidental stuff - so there's little opportunity to stick around and troubleshoot the issue once connected by some other means.  Since they're not managed services people, KAgent isn't installed and Remote Control isn't an option.

    I guess I don't necessarily blame Kaseya so much as I wonder if our expectations for the tool are reasonable.  We intended to use this in the place of LogMeIn or similar and understood that it would work for that purpose.  Would like to see this one working as consistently as other solutions, but currently we're paying for an alternate solution that does something Kaseya is already supposed to provide.

  • You may try join.me if your having problems..  on the support side..   it is proviede for free by logmein.   I just tried it today and it is ok if your just helping 1 person at a time.  We actualy have the logmeinrescue for our support right now to help non support contract clients.   plus it has a viewer only side that is android.   Kind of fun tool.  

  • join.me is excellent.