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How to use kaseya without active directory and administrative privileges?

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We have an installation of about 1200 desktops with printers, scanners. We dont have any installation of Active Directory and Workgroup etc. The IT manager also does not have the administrative passwords for any of the client machines.

Is it possible to get all software and hardware inventory of client devices on the network, patch deployment (including third party patches apart from Microsoft patches etc), change management without the availability of Active Directory and administrative privileges on client pcs etc

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  • If you have completely lost any local administrative rights on a system and no management via active directory, no software on the planet can do this.

    Once you do have admin rights, you can of course install agents on these systems and then gain all of this capability, even running a silent push install of the agent if you've setup a common login/password across your machines and you have disabled Simple File Sharing.

    To get started on resetting your passwords, this is my favorite local admin password recovery method:


    Boot up the computer with that CD and you can re-set the local administrator account password.

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  • What I meant was that, we are permitted to access the PC locally with Admin rights and also allowed to do changes in registry locally. But Admin passwords are not provided. So any changes required to be done locally can be done with administrative privileges, but since password is not known or told to the remote operator, he cannot connect remotely using admin privileges.

    I checked the following question on the web:

    Q. Is there a way of using a NON administrator account for WMI remote monitoring?

    A. By default Windows will only allow members of the Administrators or Domain Admins group to read information from the WMI class.

    The solution for reading WMI without Administrator is described in the url


    Please suggest if our requirement can be fulfilled by using the above suggestions?

    In this scenario is it possible to modify the registry locally or any other methodology so as to permit the remote access without admin privileges.

  • @uandme72 do you already have agents on these machines or are you attempting to deploy agents to them without administrative credentials?

    Ben is correct that there is very little that can be done without administrative credentials, the WMI link you have supplied appears to be very old and may not apply but if you read what it says the answer says it all, to allow access you have to get administrative access to make the changes required and no there is no option to do this remotely without somebody at the other end assisting you.

    Q. Is there a way of using a NON administrator account for WMI remote monitoring?

    A. By default Windows will only allow members of the Administrators or Domain Admins group to read information from the WMI class. <<<<=====

    As these computers are not in a domain environment there is a good chance that people who log into them have administrative access, so the default/assigned user could potentially help you to get the agent on. To do this remotely with their assistance and without the agent try the Remote Control Video Streaming option in Kaseya.

    Goodluck Smile

  • Currently we dont have any agents on any system. We dont have a domain, or active directory installation. Although we do have local admin access (the PC user logins using admin account and hands the computer to us), but we do not have remote admin access as we have not been provided with the admin password by the end user who has the admin privileges. We are not allowed to add new admin users or change the individual passwords of admin users.

    However we would be permitted to install the agent locally using admin privileges on the PC.

    After the installation of the agent locally using admin privileges, will it be possible to query the agent from remote server for inventory and other tasks without having to feed in admin passwords etc at the remote console.

  • You could email the agent installer to them send them a link to where they can download it from or put it on a CD/USB stick and get somebody on their end to install it. Alternatively you can use the Video Streaming option under Remote Control (works like WebEx) and remote control the PC with the users help and then download and install the agent.

    Once you you the agent on the PC you can get limited information from the computers via the system account however if you want to use Kaseya fully then you will need administrative rights to each computer. If you can't create a separate Admin account or use an existing one then I don't see how you are going to make it work with any Managed service product.

    To gain access "without admin rights" you have to lower/disable all the protection put in place to make these computers secure and I think that defeats the purpose of what the customer wants as they want you to get the information without giving you full access.

  • Keep in mind too, once you have an agent on the computer, you basically have full control over it, regardless of whether or not you know the current administrative password. You can always create yourself new local accounts under the Remote Control tab with the "reset password" option (which easily creates new accounts along with resetting passwords0.

  • Basically the objective is to gain access to the PC "without admin rights".

    In this regard, what security protections would have to be disabled on the user's PC so that all the required information is collected with/ without using agent and also without giving full admin access to the remote server/ software.

  • What information would be available without using admin rights? What additional information would be available while using admin rights?

  • I have the same issue with OP two weeks ago and solved the problem by enabling the hidden admin account. Now I can use kaseya as normal without admin privileges: www.uukeys.com/enable-built-in-administrator-account-on-Windows.html