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Divide Kaseya Server (Web and Database) ?

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Is there a way to divide the Kaseya server up? Say I want one server running the web part of Kaseya and the other doing all the SQL and database work. This would make it easy to upgrade the hardware of either function.

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  • Sure can, in fact, that's the best way to run it (imo anyway)

  • How do I go about doing so... ? If this is a huge question, is there any exampled manual I can look at?

  • I wouldn't feel too comfortable giving you instructions seeing how it could potentially turn into a nightmare, but, if you contact Kaseya support, they have a nice whitepaper/document on how to easily do it and will assist you as well with any questions you may have about it.

    I tend not to give advise on here about how to do things that could have a grave impact on your business if screwed up, sorry

  • I believe there is a knowledge base article on it.  You'll want to review that but essentially, once you setup your second machine goto SYSTEM -> CONFIGURE and click the Change DB button.  You should see some noticable improvement in Kaseya with having the database separate.   The Kaseya Services still continue to run on the original server where the webprocessing is done.  It's just the database that's moved.

    The archive log files will also start saving on the 2nd server as well as database backups.

  • Thanks. Thanks a lot for the help. Is there a method of dividing the Kaseya server amongst three servers instead of two? :P

  • what part would you have on the 3rd server....?

    At this moment Kaseya has a webserver part and a SQL server part, which can be installed on seperate servers. Chech the installation manual how to do this...

  • From best I can tell, 2 servers is max, because they don't have the ability to put a second web front end out with their current config, and their DB is meant for one server, so the max looks to be just 2 for web front end and sql backend.