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Kaseya 6.1 Upgrade - the good the bad and the ugly

  • Hi folks,

    (Firstly all kaseya people you can relax I am not going to slag off 6.1)

    Now back to the post


    I am looking to upgrade our server over the next day or so and I am wondering for all those who have upgraded if they could share their thoughts on 6.1 and the upgrade process or any bugs issues they have come across since they upgraded.

    Any impact on monitoring / alerting / scripting etc (negative impact that is)

    Any major differences that your engineers noticed - was there not there now that type of thing.

    Would be good to get feedback from the early adopters.





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  • @mmartin - it's a bit bumpy on the upgrade, at least for us it was. We lost all our scripts and reports for about 2 months, after I rebuilt them all, they showed back up, so I had dup's all over, and it was all still scheduled too :D  

    Server Performance sucked, it was HORRIBLE

    Eventually we just stood up a new box, installed K2, and swung our agents to it. SO MUCH BETTER!!! Plus anything we wanted to keep we exported out of the old system. (hint, export the top folder, if you're files are all organized nicely on your server then it shouldn't be too bad to copy them to the new one).

    The biggest issue we had on the migration was the tickets,  but we're P to V the old server and will boot it up when we need to see historical on old tickets. (this is mostly for SOX)

    I recommend if you're  going to upgrade, do a clean install and swing your clients over to the new K2 Box. You'll have less headache's that way. Plus you'll have a cleaner install. You don't have to dump your old DB either, just spin up a new instance, that way you don't have to re-install SQL

  • @danrche - were you coming from 6.0, 6.0.1 or 5.1?  If that was your experience moving from 6.0.1 to 6.1 then I'm scurred :(

  • sorry miss read, we had issues going from 5 to 6, but none so far going from 6 to 6.1    

  • I just upgraded our installation last night and had no issues.

  • @danrche you were giving me heart pains here

    Good so far all good for the upgrade.

    Did your techs notice any "oh where is that feature gone"

  • Yea you had me worried as well.  I started popping gas pills =x

    To repeat what mmartin said - have you noticed anything thats made your staff go "huh"?

  • LOL, you guys.... sorry... really though hope you're ok :D

    as for the differences, we're running 6.1 core install in a test box right now, I'm hoping to swing over about 1000 agents this wseekend or next depending on our "Downstream" IT situation. I've got a dedicated kserver for a single customer b/c of their Downstream needs. :(  

    Our guys noticed the KLC right off the bat, but I don't think they use else much, we automate a lot so they dont really go anywhere else within the system, I still have to remind them they can check the logs from the system instead of remoting in to machines.

    I have started to put it through it's paces but havent found any issues yet, in fact I'd say Kaseya is making some progress. I read in another post that the ctrl + alt "Old School" live connect was removed in the update.

    I personally don't see anything that would through someone for a real loop, in fact it seems to be a bit quicker to me.

  • For us it broke KAV and KAM - which look like a reinstall of these components might fix.  But other than that its really just like previous releases.  It didnt break any database stuff either which is nice as I have alot of custom stuff that probes the database directly.  its a bit of a no-brainer.

  • All our agents were renamed from <name> to <name>-1 after upgrading to 6.1

    We have naming policy on all our machine groups, that enforces agent name to the same as computer name

  • I upgraded from 6.0.1 to 6.1 and  had an issue with my windows 2000 machines after upgrading the agent. The agents did not show that they upgraded and I was unable to reboot the machines without doing a hard restart. After the reboot the agents showed the new version and everything seems to be running normally.

    This happened on all my 2000 machines which were 3 servers and 1 workstation.

  • we had no problems.  It  went well and no problems with the install or any other component.   For a change it was nice to see everything working.  

  • Hi Michael,

    We have ran over 50 upgrades for Kaseya customers in the past 2 weeks and with all honesty we have ran into zero issues during the install process.  With all bias aside we have done an incredible job with our installer adding huge improvements to it's efficiency and performance in turn making the upgrade process quicker and smoother.  I invite you to contact us (Kaseya Support) or open a ticket via the Kaseya Customer Portal requesting to discuss the upgrade process and a Feature Specialist will contact you to to discuss and go over the upgrade process and the requirements for a successful upgrade and experience with the 6.1 version.

    Thank you,

  • Hi jdvuyk,

    I'd like to get a bit more detail on the issue you encountered after upgrading to 6.1 where KAV and KAM broke.  We have ran a lot of upgrades where KAV and KAM are installed and have not seen these results.  If you have a support ticket opened for this issue please let me know the number if not please go ahead and open one and note in your description to assign this ticket to George Fernandez.  You can also email me ( george.fernandez@kaseya.com ) directly with your contact information and I will contact you to discuss.  

    I would value the opportunity to further investigate this in order to uncover the underlying issue.

    Thank you,

  • Ok folks I did the upgrade and had an issue not a major one, well at first looked very ugly so I logged a ticket but turned out that the schema needed to be reapplied.

    I could not log into our kaseya server after I upgraded got a very large sql error so paniced and hit the break glass in emergencies button next to the computer (although been hit so many times there is no glass)

    I like the quick view I must say.

    One thing that I would like and I don't think kaseya have is a pdf with every single thing they added to 6.1 in detail.

    I am not interested in the behind the scenes stuff just the changes to what we see.

    I just noticed lots of good stuff added to agent procedures but I don't recall that being on the feature sheet. they did mention about the reusable procedures or whatever they are called but not about the added commands in agent procedures - correct me if I am wrong and send me to the right pdf.

    Connectwise do the same thing in that they release an update and it can be months later you will see a feature that was added but no mention of it.

    Anyway all good now well that is until our engineers start work in about 7 hours - then we will see if there is any back lash from the upgrade.

    Thanks all for your feedback.