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Anybody having problens with KAV prompting users constantly about out of date database?

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    We have done a test deployment of KAV and found so far it is much better than KES but the only reason we haven't started replacing KES with it yet is because it keeps prompting users about it being out of date. It does eventually auto update itself but the warning it gives users would make them think there is a problem and unprotected. We found that it gave this same warning when first installed but we felt that was ok as it was a fresh install and hadn't completed yet and would after its first auto update, which it did. But now it seems like it is a constant issue each time it needs an update. Is anyone else having this issue? Has anyone found a solution besides turning off kav/windows warnings?

  • we are having same problem.  Some days the database is out of date and trying to update.   Then we also get errors with kaspersky not updating because it can not find the site.   It would be great if we could hide the icon and all the alerts until this problem is resolved.

  • We still have kaseya support looking into this for us...

    Its also annoying that end users can see the kaspersky console cause they panic when they see the warning in there and asking to "fix it" button, all because we have turned off kaspersky features since some features stop legit programs from working. We get lots of worried calls from clients about the database out of date and why kaspersky is warning them of a problem with a "fix it" option - looses the clients faith as they see it that we don't really know what is happening on their systems.

  • Same problem as well, and now starting to see popup notices in KAM as well, as well as the associated panic phone calls.

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  • You can solve this problem by putting a "setup.ini" file in the c:\kworking\kav subdirectory before installing KAV.  In the setup.ini you can specify which features you want installed and after installation, the users will not be prompted to "Fix It".   I didn't want the proactive protection feature, so my setup.ini looks like this:









  • Are there any real documentation on each of these features?  Infact, I couldn't find any documentation anywhere, including under resources for KAV...

    Edit - I went through the training portal and managed to find a link for the user guide.  http://help.kaseya.com/WebHelp/en/KAV/1000000/Resource

    Guessing that normally you'd have to install the software before finding the guides...

    In the profiles, it appears you can control some of the features enabled (although I think they do install).

    Enable Proactive Antivirus - is this a combination of ProactiveDefense, ApplicationFiltering and NetworkAttackBlocker combined?



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