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Browser Locks/Crashes intermittently when Live Connect is started.

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I upgraded from Kaseya 5 to version 6 last week.  Since the upgrade I am having problems with multiple users reporting that the browser crashes intermittently when starting a Live Connect session.  I have seen this happen on Windows XP and 7 on both IE and Google Chrome.  It does not crash every time it's opened, but it's often enough to prompt complaints.

I am going to open a support ticket with Kaseya, but I wanted to check if anyone else if having this issue and if it had been resolved.

Thanks in advance.

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  • You are not alone.  Removing the thumbnail from the KLC screen has helped some.  Pretty sure it's been logged with Kaseya and have been told to wait until v6.1 is released next week.  

  • I am (sort of) glad to hear that it is not limited to my systems.

    How do you disable the thumbnail?


  • System >> Machine Roles >> Access Rights - obv. having chosen the relevant roles

    6 is a huge improvement over anything in 5 but it is resource hungry.  I'm holding my breath for all the wonderful improvements in 6.1

    KLC doesn't work in Chrome at the moment but should when 6.1 is released.

  • Go to System > User Roles and edit the role you want; remove the Desktop Thumbnail checkmark.

  • Quick Update:

    Just checked the overnight hotfixes and found these:

    6.0.1 Hotfix 12084 - Fix for Thumbnail browser crash on agent fail (CS028631)     WebPages\KLC\inc\plugins.json

    6.0.1 Hotfix 12085 - Fix for Thumbnail browser crash on agent fail (CS028631)     WebPages\KLC\resources\cab\LiveConnectX.cab

    6.0.1 Hotfix 12086 - Fix for Thumbnail browser crash on agent fail (CS028631)     WebPages\KLC\resources\xpi\LiveConnectNP.xpi

    Not sure if exactly the same problem but looks along the right lines.

  • Thanks.  I will have some folks test.

    Does anyone happen to know if there is an email list for hotfix details or a public web page listing hotfixes released for specific versions of Kaseya that could be viewed without actually logging in to the VSA?

  • I would love an email or RSS of posted hotfixes.

  • In K6 you can go to System -> Configure and there is a link to show all hotfixes that are installed.

  • It shows all hotfixes installed as well as all hotfixes pending.

  • I had this issue on my machine at first. I reset my browser settings to default and that fixed it.

    In IE8 go to control panel, Internet options.

    Click the advanced tab

    then click Reset at the bottom of the page.

    Then try it.

    As far as i know Chrome is still not supported in 6 so that shouldn't work at all.

    But in Firefox Live Connect works well.

  • An RSS or email list of hotfixes would be useful so that I didn't need to check every day just in case updates were applied.  Also, that would allow me to let folks without permissions to the configure screen to view updates.

  • Hi all,

    I am very glad that i'm not the only one who is complaining about live connect and Remote Control.

    I have a lot of customers where i installed the agent Crashing and black screens happen every day (more then once).

    After installing Agent i don't have any problems with the same customers. Although i am very carefull with updating the clients, i think it is an improvement using the new agent.

  • Has anyone having this problem installed the 6.1 update released on Monday?  If so, has the problem been resolved?  It has gotten to the point where most my co-workers refuse to use Live Connect out of frustration.

  • Hi,

    I use now 6.1 but problem is getting worse.

  • For me too. The new 6.1 Chrome Live Connect Plugin has made things worse. Before it at least just wasn't supported and told you so. Now it tries to work but ends up locking up the whole browser.

    There are definite visible steps made in 6.1 to improve the speed to which a connection is made to the agent by reordering what loads and when, but in the end, it hasn't worked consistently yet.