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Google Maps

  • Hi All

    At one time during our sales cycle we were told about an integration to google maps where it would display the location of the agents.  This would be a big wow factor to our customers to show them this type of thing in our NOC.

    Does anyone have any info about this and how it works?



  • Good question, Tony. Where is Google Maps module?

  • I 3rd this - great question!

  • 4th'd Would be very useful

  • great question but still no answer??

  • You heard, I saw it.

    Be patient

  • I got some info about it and have it on my system but I need to get some firewall changes done for it to work and just have not had time..

  • There is one built-in feature I know about that uses Google Maps.  In System > Orgs/Groups/Depts/Staff > Manage, if an organization has an address, there is a "map" link that will show you the location of the organization.  But I get the feeling you are talking about something else.