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3rd Party Hosting - Rackspace, GoDaddy, Amazon, etc.

  • Hello all. 


    Contemplating a VSA purchase.  Didn't see any discussion on this using Search.


    Don't really want to host it myself.  Been looking at some of these:



    Seems to have something decent at ~$60/mo to start.  Figure I can crank it up as clients are added.



    ~$40/mo to start on something decent.  Same type of scalar system.  Seems to be better pricing.  



    I don't have my doctorate in advanced math to figure this one out.  Anyone using Amazon for VSA hosting?


    Any feedback or other hosting options welcome.  Thanks!





  • At a glance, all hosting options seem economically unfeasible if you're talking about a semi-substantial number of nodes and responsive system.  If you're talking about a front-end/back-end setup, which I would recommend, you're looking at 2 servers, with the SQL server being more beefy than the app server.  Also, I'm not sure if VSA can install on Linux.  I'm sure there's probably an option, but it would be the exception not the rule.  I think the VSA only officially supports Microsoft SQL Server, but I could be wrong.  If you want to host - say... 1500 nodes, you might need a front-end with 2GB RAM and a backend with 10GB of RAM if you're really going to be doing anything substantial and want snappiness on your VSA.  Just my two cents...

  • We're an IT shop that moved into Kaseya via Cloud Services Depot early last year.  As we sign on clients, our costs go up, but there is no ownership if the product.  I'm looking to invest, not rent.  With a 500 node purchase, we have room to grow.  1500 clients would be exceptional, and I could float a Rackspace account without breaking a sweat.   Scalability is a factor.  Why do you say hosting options are unfeasible then list the specs?  The only decision is if I build and host the stuff myself, vs offloading the risk to someone else.  

  • I didn't say that hosting options were not feasible, I said they did not seem economically feasible.  The starting prices you listed in your post do not seem to reflect a good starting point, but that's my personal opinion.  If you're a small shop with less than 500 nodes, then maybe it is OK.  Also, the prices you listed as starting points seemed to reflect Linux hosting, not Windows, and I'm not sure how the VSA will react on a Linux platform.  Maybe someone in the community has VSA-on-Linux experience and can chime in....

  • As an addendum, I will say that I have never hosted a VSA, but have always had it in-house, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

  • We hosted internally for 3 years.  We tried Amazon for 6 months....Kaseya tried too.  It is not stable enough.  I also costs about $1000.00 per month.  We now host at Opsource.  We have a dedicated and managed system - someone else's throat to choke.  We moved our VSA offsite for continuity planning purposes. Another consideration may be where your clients are located - East Coast -vs- West Coast; bandwidth and performance costs may vary.

  • I've been hosting my Kserver since the begining. Never had problem and I'm sure it's always up with a good connection to the internet. Just be sure to take a server with good specification, even with few nodes. Lot of ram and fast drives. I'm looking now to have a backup standby server just in case if there's a major problem on the main server.

    Can't really comment on hosters, I'm hosting in France.