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Restrict a Kaseya User Account's access to a particular Machine Group?

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Hey guys!


Is it possible to restrict a Kaseya User Account to a specific Machine Group? I only want the account to have access to a certain organization in the drop down list and not see any of the others, is this possible?





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  • Yes this is possible; We do it for several users. I am assuming you are on K2 in these steps...

    1. In the system tab, make sure the user account is created.

    2. User Security>User Roles and create a new role IF you want to restrict what the user can see/access in the Vsa. For example, only give access to remote control.

    3. Create a new scope. Assign the specific Kaseya machine group(s) to this scope.

    4. Make sure to assign the user account to both the user role if applicable and to the scope.