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Machine Group Filter/View

  • When we upgraded to our new kaseya server, the machine group view or filter shows every organization ID two times, one with .root at the end.

    So basically now our list is twice the size and after I looked at the system>manage section, I still couldn't find out where I'd edit the settings.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • This is by design. Sorry

  • after working with it more, it looks like I can only delete the machine group (.root) if the organization has no agents in it.

  • Correct, but that goes for any machine group.  The .root group willl hold any endpoint that does not have a gourp created for it.

    the A.root would be the root of company A

    you cannot remove A.root with out first moving all of the contents from .root, but you cannot move them in to A

  • The Organization object is used with other parts of Kaseya (Departments and Staff etc...) and yes its different from machine groups.

  • Thanks for the insight guys. It appears I cannot delete the machine group (.root) from the drop-down list when I'm looking through clients.

    Everyone has to deal with this?

  • Don't delete it, its your primary machine group just rename it to whatever you want to call it. And there is no point giving it the same name as the Organization (none that I can see at this point and time).

    The reason I won't recommend deleting it is because integrating some ticketing or CRM software (if you are using or will be using it some time in the future) don't understand the Organization object and only see's the first machine groups (aka the primary machine group) when you add computers against a customer it won't show up under hardware inventory list.

  • Yeah, I agree with not deleting the machine groups.

    I more of just want to hide the double-listing of clients in the machine group filter on the top of the screen.




    I just want to see one of those if it's possible but it doesn't seem like it is.