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Performance on Newer Pages is Terrible

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I have a ticket open with Kaseya but I wanted to ask you as well since maybe you have some ideas....

We are on K2, Svr 2008, SQL Express, 100 agents.

Hardware is VM with 2 processores, 8GB RAM and RAID 5 local disk array.  Usages on CPU and RAM is no more than 20% of available.  

We are seeing page refresh times up to 30 seconds in Procedures and Security for example, making both almost unusable.  It is has been this way for both of these for a few months since we upgraded to K2 and instaslled in a new VM with 2008. 

Have any ideas?

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  • I had posted a ticket about awhile back with a similar answer and just wanted to see what others have done to workaround. I do use chrome but minus live connect not the best solution. I installed 6.0.1 and it is a bit better than 6.0 but still nowhere near where it should be in my opinion. I'll hold tight for 6.1 and hope for the best...

  • We switched from 5x sas 15k RAID5 (512mb cache controller of course) to a simple sas 15k RAID1 only for the SQL database and it was really faster. It could still be much quicker but it is workable now. Check Client CPU as well - slower Workstations like Celeron machines are too slow to render the html quickly enough.

    We are on hyperv. And i am planning to have 4x sas 15k RAID10 just for ksubscribers database soon.

  • Thank you, I will take that RAID config into consideration, I am using 15k sas drives in my SAN right now. The client is definitely powerful enough, Core 2 Duo with 6 GB's of memory.

  • After weeks of trying to get support and a answer on this, the final answer they gave was that using SQL Express was the problem I am having.  We have just under 100 agents and Express is supported for this size implementation... but they say that Express is running out of memory.  I dont know if I believe them and if it is true then they need to alter their requirement specs.  I am in a predictament now.  I installed SQL Express 2008 but don't have a server with the full version of SQL 2008 and can't go back to 2005 now.  I am faced with bringing another server online and installed SQL 2008 to support Kaseya.