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  • jaysonc
    You know what has frustrated me the most through this hole thread? People are telling you what is wrong with the new forum and all we get is the same scripted "I understand, but I'm not really listening at all" responses. You keep preaching it is the community that make the content yet you're too stubborn to listen to anyone.

    1. What is with the 600px width? Is this 1994? It is absolutely horrible to view. Every single person in this thread has agreed and your still saying "Post some reasons"

    2. Ditch the play school theme.

    3. Sort out the sections/categories. Break it up and make it clean to view like vBulletin.

    4. In response to #1. A 20 charcter title shouldn't be wrapping to the next line. I've got more screen real estate on my cell phone than your new "forum".

    5. The question/answer type model is a horrible idea. It has it's place in KB type situations. Not in a forum. Forum's are a discussion.

    6. The search function is horrible and not nearly as advanced as vBulletin.

    You know what I see. A lot of still existing problems with K2, yet you (Kasyea) are focusing on re-inventing the wheel instead of fixing them. You are fixing an issue that doesn't exist and actually making it worste. vBulletin has been around for a long time and perfected what it is designed for. Use it. Put your focus into what we are all paying for (K2) and not what you think is a good "community" idea when you are being told repeatedly by the community that it's a bad idea.


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  • I am tired of this Kaseya BS and will not be returning to either the new forum or the old (which worked for me). I'll look for answers elsewhere.

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  • The forums used to be a place I could quickly come in and see what's new. I can't tell from the new way of doing things if I have read that post or not.

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  • I do not like the new forum.  It is not useful like the old forum.  It is a step backward.

    I think it was unanimous in this thread as well.