Is it possible to not have the .root groups show up in the Machine Group drop-down list? We have a lot of organizations we do not have multiple groups for, so it is a little messy when we see two selections for all of these companies.

sure you could rename it or you can use User Roles to filter them out by only selecting the machine groups you wish to see..

The main thing to keep in mind is that (in Kaseya 6) the .root Machine Group is your Primary machine group. In Kaseya 5 you would have named the primary machine the name of the company or their domain name.

In Kaseya 6 when you add a company, the company name becomes the Organization Name and you also have to specify the Organization ID which many people confuse for the Primary Machine Group however it is not a machine group as you will find in some Kaseya Function list option you will not be able to see the Organization ID on their own.

A good example of this is the Naming Policy Function (System > System Preferences > Naming Policy). If you look at the under the Naming Policy function you will see that the Organization ID is not shown at any point on its own and is always accompanied with a machine group which confirms my above statement that the Organization ID is not a machine group.

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