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Wondering if this is possible...

  • Agent Procedures (formally Scripting) has never really been my strong point.

    I have way more laptops to manage than desktops, aside from keeping up with servers, regarding patch management. I'm not fully utilizing WOL or VPro so patching has been reliant upon users' machines being available. Even with warnings configured for rebooting, I don't have permission (yet) to brute force people who never make their machine available so they don't miss things like the critical (out of band) IE update released yesterday.

    I'm sure even after WOL and/or VPro are fully utilized, being mostly laptops, a good chunk of users will still fall out of compliance a bit, regarding Windows Updates. So, what I've been doing to follow up with users who miss getting patched automatically is to manually go through the GAL and Bcc: the users on a message asking them to let me do what I need to do.

    Manually going through is a bit of a pain and will only get worse as the number of agents increase.

    To the point now: With K2 and departments, staff (who have email addresses) and the abilities of sychronizing with Active Directory and the wonders of Agent Procedures, could I have a procedure that sends a specific email to any number of users missing a certain number of updates?

    Better yet, I think I'm dreaming here, would it be possible (if the above is possible), when a user replies to that message sent by way of the Agent Procedure for missing updates, that another Agent Procedure is triggered to automatically start the patching process for that user's machine.

    Thanks for reading.

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  • Just to let you know what we do although not a solution but might get the wheels in your head turning.

    We do a send message at 4pm on patch day to all workstations saying 'leave your machines on overnight.'

    Second, in our weekly maintenance script we have the final step put 'weekly maintenance completed' in their script log. We set this script to skip if offline.

    Thirdly, we have a script set to run about 7am, without skip if offline, that does checks for the 'weekly maintenance completed' string in the script log. If it's there, we send a message saying 'maintenance completed.' if the string is not there, we send a message saying 'maintenance did not run. Please leave your machine on next Monday.'

    While there isn't a lot of checking in this method (something else for me to work on) we have tried to make it annoying enough for users to get in the habit of leaving the machine on on Monday nights. We picked Monday as we wanted to be on a memorable day of the week (Monday or Friday) while not having users leave their machines on all weekend.


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