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Uninstall Vipre via script?

  • We're new with Kaseya and have a good portion of our clients using Sunbelt Vipre. We're looking to uninstall them and installing the Endpoint protection. Has someone come out with a script or automated way to remove Sunbelt from Kaseya? Thanjs

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  • Call Sunbelt's tech support and ask them for their most updated Vipre removal tool, then let us know when you have it. It should be easy to deploy and execute it through Kaseya.

    I would first encourage you to use the Vipre console to uninstall the agents, I have yet to see anyone have a problem with that and I personally think it is a good bet to try and use the developers' built-in method of removal.

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  • Just wanted to update this thread in case somebody needed it in the future.

    We could not get any scripts from Vipre to uninstall it so our script guru was able to figure something out and created a script to uninstall and delete the folder. Worked like a champ Smile

    Script Name: SBAMRemoval - No Reboot
    Script Description: Remove Sunbelt and do not reboot.

    IF True
    Get Variable
    Parameter 1 : 4
    Parameter 2 :
    Parameter 3 : agentDrv
    OS Type : 0
    Write File
    Parameter 1 : #agentDrv#temp\SBAMRemoval31NR.exe
    Parameter 2 : VSASharedFiles\SBAMRemoval\SBAMRemoval31NR.exe
    OS Type : 0
    Execute File
    Parameter 1 : #agentDrv#temp\SBAMRemoval31NR.exe
    Parameter 2 :
    Parameter 3 : 3
    OS Type : 0

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  • I noticed you used what appeared to be a custom .exe file; SBAMRemoval31NR.exe. I contacted Sunbelt and they had not heard of this which is why I came to this conclusion.
    Any chance you would provide more details or provide the .exe file? Thanks!

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  • Bump on getting that .exe

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  • Try vipre.tiffin.edu/agentremovaltools.html

    You can get the ENTERPRISE removal tool which is what I needed, in addition to the regular ones.

  • yes bump

  • if you have an installer package that installs the same version of the agent that you have installed on the machine you could easily write a batch file that would run the installer with a /qn switch that will remove the agent software silently without forcing a reboot.

    For example:

    "agentinstallername.msi" /qn

    I hope this information is helpful.


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  • Procedure Uninstall Viper and GFI LanGuard 2.xml

    Maybe this procedure is of use.

  • We are switching them to Eset NOD32. As far as I can tell it does not offer any removal capabilities for Sunbelt Vipre.

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  • Gamkillerx, which version? It will be different per version (from my research on this three months ago). I created one for v.9.6.6032 that I can share with you. I can also tweak it to fit yours if needed. I guess I could make it work for any version but that would require time and such.