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Linux remote control not working

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Ok, so I installed the Linux agent on two Ubuntu machines (one physical, one virtual). Physical box had VNC4server installed, and virtual machine has vnc4viewer installed.

Agent install went great. However, we are unable to remote control either machine through Kaseya. VNC has installed through Kaseya, and I even uninstalled and reinstalled it. The connection counts down and we recieve the message that the machine connected directly, remote control should be successful. However, no VNC window. Agent remote control logs show that VNC session starts, and then ends less than a minute later. Is there something simple I am overlooking? Thanks

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  • You're not the only one, I'm having the same issue with both Redhad and Ubuntu. I have a ticket open with Kaseya support, if they fix it I will update the post.

  • Thanks jviggiano.  Just an update I uninstalled the pre-existing VNC from the machines and then reinstalled entirely through Kaseya but did not make a difference.

  • Hi guys - I've been playing a bit with this, and at the moment only 32 bit machines work well with remote control. I received word from support that 64-bit support will probably be included in the next SP due before end of year.

    On the RedHat machine, it make a difference if you are using vncserver or vino to manage remote desktops. I don't think vino supports connections unless someone is logged in already at the console.

  • What did you do to make it work please share,  I am having the same problem on a UBUTU 10.4 machine it is 32 bit but still the remote control does not  work,  I have created a ticket but got no answer

  • I wish I could say there was some magic formula, but in the case of Ubuntu 10.10 32 bit it just works. I didn't even have to enable remote desktop permission.

  • Im still waiting to hear from Kaseya, on my box it does not work