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  • Has anyone spoke to to Kaseya Management regarding thier ridiculous so called support process? We pay a lot of money for thier product to get such low grade support. I have started to find contact information for management team. I think all of us need to start doing somehting about this. When I first purchased the product support was phenomenal. Once I do get someone on the phone it is good but the email proocess and the Hold time is unacceptable. I have already started evaluating competetive products again to see how they are today but obvioulsy that would be an enormous change. I just think Kaseya will not do anything about the support until we make it an issue.

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  • I totally agree with you and actually did start looking at other products but decided to stay with Kaseya. I complained to my contacts about all of the same things you are saying and only then did I get better support. Luckily I have not needed support since then. The maintenance plan costs thousands and thousands of dollars per year (depending on how many licenses you have) and the level of support we get is really just insulting.
    Good Luck,

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  • How are you getting better support? Are you contactuing your Sales Rep first? Email CHannel and Telephone is abosolute nightmare. I heard Level 1 support has been outsourced to India who basically looks at Knowledgebase articles and takes screen shots and replies to email but NEVER calls anyone becasue they are not allowed to. This is why when you send a request today it gets answered next day due to TIme difference. I complained about it to my rep and someone else at Kaseya and they confirmed they have been getting a lot of complaints about it. They are not sure what they are planning to do but for now I am funneling my support requests thorough my Rep. Again I should not have to do that and nor my Rep have to waste his time to funnel my requests. They need to add more support staff right here in US. I did request to create a option for Live chat on their website to get faster access to support reps instead having to wait 24 to 48 hours to get a response to the ticket and the repsonse is always senseless...

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  • I agree. It took over a 2 weeks to get a response from my last support issue that was submitted via the online ticket system. That is totally unacceptable.

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  • I have bene using Kaseya for a few months now. We have about 1,000 Agents installed. I too have been somewhat frustrated with some lame email responses to submited tickets requesting help.

    But that being said, I have found the following procedure works prety well for me:
    - Before I leave the office (say today), I send an email message to support@kaseya.com, with a well written description of the problem, troubelshooting steps taken so far, and my license information.
    - By the next monring, 9 out of 10 times, I will t least have received an auto response with my ticket number.
    - Sometimes by the next morning, maybe 3 or 4 out of 10 times, I have also received an email reponse, other times I don't.
    - If I do have an email response, I review it. On a few occasions, they have been right on the money. But on most occasions I do not have an email response, or the response is off base or lame.
    - Then rather early, between 8AM and 9AM Eastern Time, I call the Kaseya Support Line. My call usually gets answered in less than 15 minutes, often in less than 5 minutes. When I call later in the afternoon, it has taken forever. But when I call early, I get through rather quickly.
    - The very first question that the Support Engineer asks me is "what is your ticket number". I supply the ticket number from my autoresponse email.
    - Then I proceed to work with the Support Engineer.
    - In many cases, they have helped me, and the problem has been solved by the end of the call.
    - In a few cases, they have escalated the situation.

    I am not overly impressed with Kaseya Support, but I have found that following these procedures lets me work withing their system, and gets fairly responsive help.

    I am not sure if you have tried this type of method, or not. But next time you have an issue, give it a try. I can;t guarantee, but I can say that it works faily well for me.


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  • Calling before 9am Eastern would involve my being ready to do technical work before 6am Pacific... Ah, well.

    I've been using the Request Support feature as a master admin in Kaseya, which takes me to their ticketing interface. I create a ticket, attach screenshots... and then pester our rep if we get slow (or no) activity within a day or so. We get there, eventually, once I convince the support tech that, yes, I DID already read the relevant KB articles, thankyouverymuch.

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  • I gotta chime in here and agree with everyone that support at Kaseya is not where it should be. In fact, I submit to all lets submit our overall grade for support at Kaseya.

    Me, I give support a C overall. Not bad, not great... at times excellent, at other times sucky.

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  • I would agree with boudj with the grade of a "C" overall. "Mixed" experience would be my description. Not always bad, not always great... at some times very good, yet at other times, rather poor.


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  • I have called support only twice and both times have been less than mediocre. I was on hold for 2+ hours each time. Finally I gave up and searched the problem on the forum and other places and did get some help.

    I would have to agree with everyone that support is less than good. Training or the boot camp might take care of most of these issues. That doesnt excuse the lack of support given to us for the amount of money we shell out.

    That's just my two cents...I could be wrong.

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  • Agree here too

    Anything that doesn't have a knowledgebase solution seems to get swept under the carpet.

    I get so many useless one liner replies in response to complex monitoring related issues.

    I wonder where the $ for support is actually going

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  • My tech support experinces seem to be getting worse and worse. Today I received one of the famous, 2 weeks later, "are you still experiencing the problem" email messages. I wanted to scream (well, actually I did scream).

    My sales and customer service guys are great, but Tech Support is terrible and needs to be improved.

    I spent a few hours today going through my email message for tech support cases since mid-September. I documented as many of the dates+times that I could find. In summary:
    16 tickets total
    1 = solved quickly by sales rep (I had CC'ed him on my email message to Support)
    5 = good/acceptable responses
    1 = great response to feature request
    9 = no response, poor response and/or still unresolved – many with no responses for 7 days, 15 days, 20+ days

    So in total, 16 tickets over the past 2 months - with 7 with good/acceptable responses (counting 1 from sales rep) and 10 no/poor responses and/or still unresolved. 9/16 is 56%, which is better than the 70% that I initially guessed, but still terrible and totally unacceptable to me.

    I have had a handful of excellent experiences, and several good experiences. But the majority my support requests have been handled very poorly. Many are still open, and unresolved after 15-20+ days.

    The Kaseya software product is very good, I like it. But Technical Support assistance has just been terrible, and needs to be improved. As my company becomes more and more dependent on this product to run our business, and provide services to our clients, it is not acceptable for this poor level of support to continue.

    Does anyone know who in Kaseya Management we could possibly reach out to - in an attempt to have them understand our experiences, and the need for improvements, and to possibly get some action?

    It is nice for us to be able to "vent" in the forum, but we need some action taken.


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  • just wanted to pass this along.... I reached out to Tim McMullen (COO, I believe) and George Fernandez (Head of Support, I believe) to express my concerns over the poor level of technical support that I have been receiving. I also referred to this post, and other posts in the user forum, that showed my experiences were not uncommon.

    I received a very nice reply email message from Tim McMullen, showing concern for our experiences and his pledge to work on improving Techncial Support.

    I received a followup telephone phone call from George Fernandez. We talked for almost an hour. He also showed concern for our experiences and pledged to work on improving Techncial Support. He explained they are in the process of hiring and training additional support staff - of high quality. We also discussed some of the poor responses of 1st level support, and the fact that too many tickets have no action taken, for far too long. We also discussed that in some cases, a telephone call from a support engineer would work much better than ongoing email exchanges.

    Overall, I was very pleased with their responses, and their committments to improvement. Ultimately, I will judge them on their actions. But this was a great start, and I was so happy that they responded to my call for action.


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  • Lloyd, thats good to hear, it's great they seem to be starting to take a proactive approach on this issue.

    What's somewhat amusing though, is it looks like a level 1 support tech is going through the forums providing solutions to some of the posts here, the majority of which have been fixed and the OP has thanked the forum for fixing his issue.

    Personally, I think if Kaseya were to assign some support staff to monitor the forums, it be someone who has a first language of English. No disrespect intended here but I believe as it is a primarily english speaking forum they will need a good grasp on the written language to provide support worth receiving.


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