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K2 errors, Config errors or Bugs

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So since I have upgraded to K2 I have come across a few problems that range from serious to slighly annoying.  For once I don't want to go running off to support, without knowing whether its user error or not.

Problem #1 The major one that concerns me at the moment is that sometimes the dashboard will stop refreshing, so no new alerts appear.  Refreshing the page doesn't work.  Sometimes logging out works, but sometimes the front end needs rebooting. The statistics page shows that new connections are still coming in, but nothing appears.

For reference I upgraded on the weekend, but the behaviour was already present, just it has gotten worse since.  I us a seperate VM as a front end, and the back end is on a SQL box, with its own instance.

Problem #2 is that I seem to have a lot of stale remote sessions staying recorded in the statistics page. So someone remotes on to a machine, it will normally show up in statistics, but that is not being cleared for some reason.

Problem #3 when I upgrade to K2 I thought I would recreate all the patch policies I have. SO i went through all the patches, and set up the policies. Then I leave it for a week. And lo and behold about 400 new patches seem to have appeared.  I say new these are mostly 2006 and 2007 patches. So I am thoroughly confused about this.  I am not sure whether it is forgetting my options for some, or finding new ones.  If it is finding new ones, why didnt the system find those in the first place?

I think thats enough for now.  Is anyone else seeing any of the above?  Or has anyone got any suggestions as to what could be causing this?

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  • Rohop,

    I upgraded us about 6 months ago, I also had a huge list of weird issues that just didn't make much sense. I ended up re-running  the kawebupdate about 4 times and had to get some dev help from Kaeya as my system was not hotfixing correctly. When Hotfix's are applied it downloads all your new updates as filename.new

    note the .new file, search through your front end server for any .new files, if you have them, your hotfixes are deleting your kaseya files and not replacing them.


    I've yet to have a ticket open that didn't end up with a dev needing to step in.

    Our issues after upgrade k2

    - no scripts

    -no reports (these didn't show up tiill sp1 update

    - Patching simply didn't work (patched out of band with the schedule)

    - tickets were coming in as "Orphaned" and not attached to any group, org, etc... so if you weren't a Master you didn't see them

    - Live connect sucked and wouldn't connect (we used logme in for about a month)

    - false possitives with agent mon sets

    - VSA was slower then a snail

    - groups would appear out of no where

    - when changing a group name, or moving it , the group disappeared

    - when we got the last one fixed, none of the settings for templates or group settings would stick

    I think you're getting the idea here. Most of this was fixed by re-running the kawebupdate about 4 times, and having a dev fix our hotfix issues.

    Good luck

  • Rohop - I haven't encountered Problem #1 or #2, but might be able to provide some input on Problem #3 as I have encountered something very similar in our environment.

    The scenarios that seem to cause this is a machine(s) that isn't fully patched has been brought back onto the network, scanned and Kaseya found that the patch was updated by Microsoft - this could be something as simple as a typo in the KB article attached to it, or a name change in the file.  Kaseya PM still sees the patch as missing, and therefore new, even if it was released in 2006 or 2007.  The thing I find if I look carefully at these patches is they are often listed as superseded by another patch (but I do hear that there will be an option added to automatically deny these in K2 SP1) - if they are superseded, I deny them.  This happens often with MS Office patches of late.  Another thing I have found is that if somebody clears the patch cache on the Server, this forces the system in most cases to go back out and check all of the approved patches for updates.  In all three cases, the end result is very similar to what you are seeing.  I'd check the things I mentioned above and see if any of it applies.

    Good Luck!

  • @ Chad - that does seem like a reasonable explanation, I'm waiting for Support to come back and tell me something similar.  To me it seems like not ideal behaviour... but we'll see.

    @ danrche - I followed your advise and raised support tickets.

    Problem # 1 is still being investigated.

    Problem # 2 I received this response from Support:


    We found some stale entries left in the relaySession table. We have cleaned them up. Those stale entries should be cleaned up whenever the Kaseya Server service restarts. Please contact us if the problem happens again. We will continue to research on our end as well. This is nothing to worry about, it does not mean any open connections but rather was a cosmetic correction.

    I would suggest turning on automatic updates, as this includes a maintenance routine that removes those entries as well.


    Which I thought I would post here as at least it explains the issue.  I just hope that it is behaviour that will be fixed.

  • @ Chad - that does seem like a reasonable explanation, I'm waiting for Support to come back and tell me something similar.  To me it seems like not ideal behaviour... but we'll see.

    I agree, I've never quite liked that behavior.  The other one that gets me is denying a patch only to see it come back again - same situation I suspect, but still annoying.  Hmm

  • Response to Problem #1 Reopen call when it happens again....

  • In case anyone is following this:

    Problem #1 the incident is still open, but havent had a response from Kaseya since 14/10/10... So I keep getting periods where no alerts are logged... even though I know there should be.  Its more than a little concerning that support seemed to have shrugged their shoulders and have started to ignore it...