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Kaseya Agent Icon unavailable under Terminal Services

  • Has anybody experienced issues with the Kaseya Agent Icon disappearing on PC's that users Remote Control using Terminal Services?

    I have two Windows XP PC's that the users RC using MSTSC.EXE from their Home PC's. The behavior is this: When they are logged in from Home using MSTSC, the Kaseya Icon is missing from the system tray. When they log on locally when they're in the office, the Kaseya Icon is there. I only have reports of this on two machines, but suspect there may be more iterations of this that are not reported due to the "hide inactive icons" feature or the users simply don't notice it.

    The problem is this: Without the Kaseya Icon in the tray, the "remote" users cannot submit tickets etc. Attempting to run the Kaseya Agent by clicking the link on the start menu has no effect. I've occasionally noticed this when RC Servers as well, but after a time the Kaseya Icon seems to reappear, but on the workstations it never does under RC.

    I realize this might sound pretty wacky, but it does seem to be an issue.



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  • http://community.kaseya.com/xsp/f/26/t/1995.aspx


    There was another thread discussing work arounds, but I didn't find it. You might do a little more searching.

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  • I checked the links and did some more searching and it looks like this is only a problem under RDC / Terminal Services sessions. Someone suggests using the mstsc /console command, but that only works with 2003 Servers, not 2K or XP. At first I thought this might be a limitation in Terminal Services, but we have multiple other service level programs that the tray behavior is normal with -- It's just Kaseya that has this problem.

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