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Patch install failures

  • Hello,

    We have been experiencing recurring patch failures on several customers and I wanted to check and see if anyone else has seen this problem and has a solution.

    Kaseya support has not been of much help.

    Example: KB943649 Update for Outlook 2003 (KB943649) (English version)

    Kaseya Patch install attempts to install the patch and reports failed. The failure error is the classic generic message:

    The patch file probably failed to download. Uncheck "Delete package after install" and schedule the patch again. Verify the following

    1. Check that the hard disk is not full.
    2. If downloading from the internet, verify the connection from this machine to Microsoft.com is not blocked.
    3. Be sure curl-nossl.exe is not prevented from executing (by a security program).

    Those that have used the patch management for a while know that none of the items above are ever an issue.

    Looking at add/remove in the offending computer shows that the patch is installed and has been present for quite sometime.

    Manually running the patch on the desktop reports 'This update has already been applied or is included in an update that has already been applied' which is 100% correct since the patch is listed in add/remove programs.

    I have un-successfully refreshed the patch scans from the computers, renamed the ODT folder in AgentTemp etc. in hopes that Kaseya Patch scan will identify the patch is already installed and remove it from being forced again.

    To me it looks like Kaseya patch engine is pushing the update silently and cannot parse the 'already installed' message, that is why this is stuck in a loop.

    With WSUS I do not recall having this much problem with patch management. it is affecting the Executive Summary Scores across the board.

    Anyone else having these patch problems, if so any suggestions or ideas would be welcomed.


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  • I don't believe we've had this issue, just to let you know...but I'll check into it a bit more.

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