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Kaseya 6 SP1 discussion

  • If you're already on K2 your license key is updated.  If you're still on v5 then you need to make sure your license key supports K2 by contacting accounting or your sales rep.

  • Thanks Max!

  • SP1 still a no go? We arent having like any problems with VSA and has been that way for a few months after we moved to a new server and split our VSA and SQL into two new virtual servers with Server 2008 R2 and SQL 2008.

    I dont want to break anything and go back to the headache of not being able to manage and support our customers because I'm working on trying to fix Kaseya. But we do want to try the new KAV beta.


  • We upgraded a couple days ago and havent ran into any issues as of yet at least.  We have not yet tested reports though, but everything else appears OK.

  • @Tim if you can duplicate you current Kserver and turn the duplicate into a Test server to test the beta modules. But before you do that talk to your Kaseya rep and make sure that you can do that with your current licensing.

    As of yesterday I have turned off K2 Auto hotfix updates as I can't afford any more outages due to update bugs that take days or weeks to resolve. After the whole SP1 upgrade craziness that was suppose to fix the Agent Service crashing I have discovered that its still happening. I will admit that agent crashing is happening a lot less then what it use to however it still a problem that could happen at any time.

    I can't recall ever having so much problems with the Kaseya 4.8 and Kaseya 5 in the two years that I have used it as I have had with Kaseya 6 (aka K2) in the last 7 months. I will admit the advancements in the product has been great but with all the problems, I still left unsure if it has worth all the trouble.

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