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How do I get this forum to stop spamming me?

  • I really don't want to black kaseya.com in my emails, seems like overkill, but I get spam every day from this forum, and I have every email setting turned off.

  • Hi - Apologies for this inconvenience. Would you take a look at Nicolas Ponce's reply and let me know if it resolves the issue with the emails you've been receiving on a daily basis for any Community post? - community.kaseya.com/.../99621.aspx

  • I am curious how many emails you are seeing a day as you don't mention it specifically. I personally do not consider it spam for me to see the first post in a thread, so that I can decide if i should reply, but i do understand that it can get a bit much when the discussion on a topic is quite active.

    I have noticed that I can get several emails per day from this forum (2-12). I still want to see the issues, but I can't have hot-topics distracting me daily, so I just set up a mailbox rule that checks for from: community at kaseya dot com and has 're:' in the subject and moves them to a subfolder.

    I can see how an option like 'only email me about subscribed threads' would benefit some people, but i don't think I would use it. I like keeping an eye on new topics without having to specifically visit the forum.

  • When you turn off every email setting and you're still getting emails from the forums, it's spam.  whether it's 1 or 100.

    I was still getting messages daily from the different forums even though I've turned off all email notifications until I saw Gelsys' post. Having to go drill deep into an extra setting just seems weird to me.  If I turned off notifications in my general settings, then notifications should be off, period.

    I wouldn't have minded had I actually signed up to be on any of the lists that are sending me messages, but I didn't, the forum just arbitrarily decided for me.  

    Looks like the only message I got today was from this one.

  • , go to Home page, and click settings at the top, under the email tab, you should have some options.    I subscribe to "Subscribed to daily digest" which limits you to 1 per day, which I think is reasonable.   I scan the digest and then click the link of something that is interesting or that I can contribute to.

  • yeah, still getting random emails daily. I guess it's a feature, not a bug.