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Session Security Timeout since .26

  • ...but VSA and liveconnect are independent  products. You can run LC and use Kaseya without ever logging into the web interface. Ever.

    It's just another result of poor design decisions.

  • @Kaseya;

    Any update regarding the configurability of this option?  We've held off installing .26 because of this single problem.  We've got 50+ people using Kaseya logons to do remote sessions to their PC's and they won't tolerate having to login multiple times a day....

  • Or do nothing, because I can imagine scenarios where I want to have 1 or more KLC sessions open but not my browser.

  • What are you all having to do to get logged back in? We are finding that users are not able to log back in. I just helped a user get logged back in after session timeout and I had to delete her user account in VSA and recreate it. Then the user was able to get logged in, but it prompted to "pair" with the authenticater app on her phone.

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  • I was able to immediately reconnect without restriction. Are users logging into regular VSA? The LC desktop app? VSA portal?