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Automatic Updates - SkipAutoUpdate

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I have a procedure that runs againt a backup server and confirms if a backup was successful or not. 

If it fails it writes the regkey -     HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Kaseya\Agent\SkipAutoUpdate
I have to run this procudure separately against the backup server as I have to run it with an elevated account to get the results then write the regkey to the remote server.

My question is will Kaseya now skip the Automatic Updates with this regkey present or do I need to write a basic pre-agent procedure for the server that the Automatic Updates would be scheduled for?  Any recommendations on what procedure I can add as a pre-agent procedure.

Any help would be appreciated.



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  • I am not 100% sure I am clear on the question, so let me offer some open advice and see if it helps.

    1.) You can run a command (a step) or an entire Procedure as elevated a couple ways;

      a) Execute as System (NT Authority/System) has god powers locally but has no Network Authority.

      b) Execute as User, BUT preceded the User Command with "Use Credentials" or "Impersonate User"... all "User" commands will execute as this elevated account.

    2.) This Reg key setting works with Kaseya Patch Management.  Everytime AutoUpdate runs, it checks this reg setting and if it exists, it cancels AutoUpdate ONE time and clears the Reg entry, so unless it is set again then it will update next time.

    3.) This setting does NOT work for KSDU (Software Deployment and Update), but I believe it has its own  setting that will allow you to Skip the next deployment.

    4.) This setting will not work for Software Management, which does not yet support this ability.

    5.) Setting this value in a reg will cause the machine that has this setting to Skip the next Automatic deployment, regardless of when or how it was set... but the check will clear it so it is a one time thing... or maybe safe to say, an everytime thing.  

    6.) If your skipping the Remote Server, then that's the reg you want to set.  You can do this be by having this reg change procedure called from the test procedure and scheduled to run on the machine to be skipped.  For this you have 2 options;

    Schedule Procedure - set to xx mins/sec in the future.  the current procedure ends and the other is scheduled  

    Execute Procedure - Runs now, the current Procedure executes the procedure the same as it would a nested IF, and waits for it to complete before continuing.  Global:Variables can be passed in and out of the procedure being executed.

    Does that help?

  • #2 is where it is failing.  I can share the procedure I run to check Veeam and confirm the backup was successful and if it was it removes the key, else it exits keeping the regkey in place.

    I don’t have this procedure running as the pre-agent procedure because I need it to run from the veeam server to excutute the veeam powershell addon to check the backup.

    I was going to have a suspect alerts procedure run as a pre-agent for the automatic updates, if I do should Kaseya still check the registry for that registry key being present?

    I have that working fine.

    But for whatever reason the Automatic updates still continue even if the skipautoupdate key is present in the registry of the server I have scheduled for the automatic updates.

    Do you want me to show screencaps of the regkey and the procedure I am using to check veeam and right the registry file for the server being checked.

    Thanks for you help.

  • Yes, more detail might help.  

    To be clear, the reg key that is checked by AutoUpdate (AU) does NOT exist by default... IF it does exist, its because it was created... in which case  it is removed every time by AU..  

    So the logic needs to be, IF you want to skip AU, create the key.... AU runs, sees the key, removes the key, skips AU for this run.  If you have a key that is there and is NOT being removed, there is likely something wrong with the Key.

    Also, check the Procedure logs,  

    "If this registry value exists, a procedure log entry is made to document that Automatic Update was skipped, and this registry key is deleted."

    Besy way to see all the detail is to vreate a new Legacy report;

    InfoCenter\Reporting\Reports... sleect your folder,

    New\LegacyReport\Logs\AgentProcedure Log\

    Run this for just one machine that should have the setting, around the time the AU ran, see if it confirms or denies the existance of the Key.