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ERROR: execFileAsUser() failed with error -13 while spawning MsiExec.exe

  • ERROR: execFileAsUser() failed with error -13 while spawning MsiExec.exe /X{776A8F70-7D8E-4B40-86A5-0985810DB392}.

    can anyone here tell me how to debug this stuff more accurately? I want to uninstall an application via Software Deployment. If I write a procedure and use the GUID the software will be uninstalled. Is there a bug in the Software Deployment module?

  •  can u help here Oscar?

  • at least i would like to know where to find detailed logs about the software deployment. because i can't find anything in the agent log. the problem above seems to be related to the fact that i simply adjusted my installer in the software catalog, so i changed version and uploaded new msi.

  • set the command string to include a log file and then find out the problem there?


  • hello eric, i have called the installer with /L*V "C:\kworking\install.log". the log file is created and remained completely empty. as mentioned above, i think it was related to the fact that with my created and already existing catalog installer i only uploaded the msi file in a newer version and raised the version number in the version field. I guess vsa did not get along with this.

  • apologize, I only scanned the highlights of this thread.  

    This is through Software Deployment?  KSD executes as use, using the Credentialed user.  Make sure you have Set Credentials on the Agent your installing to.

    Hope this helps.