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Kaseya Fusion Mobile Application (VSA + BMS) - Poll for future feature.

  • Feature Request- Client side BMS help desk access. Would like end users to be able to create tickets using the app on any mobile device.

  • We were told last year that service desk is a discontinued product, so I wouldn't expect any further development on that.

  • Remote Screen Control is the most important feature missing. Right now we pay for a CW Control (ScreenConnect) sub almost exclusively so we can have remote connect capabilities from mobile devices.

  • I have reported and created the requirements to correct the views in Kaseya Fusion.

    Thank you.

  • Thank you. Looks good now.

  • Really need the list sorted by name and the ability to change the sort, top to bottom or bottom to top ...

  • We would like to see expenses in Tickets.

  • I would like to receive some user feedback on endpoint logging (Agent Procedure Logs - Agent Logs- and so forth).

    If anyone is willing to meet with me, please send me a message and I will set some time for us and our UX designer.

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    Mr Kotter!

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  • guess, I am just now seeing this thread, but I'd like to officially mention that we are unable to use VSA with Fusion because we use AuthAnvil/Passly for SSO and have been told that doesn't work.  We would very much like for that to resolved as we are using Kaseya integrated products.

  • Does anyone else have an issue where the app logs you out after a couple days and you have to sign back in? I even have bio-metric finger print enabled and I still have to type in my pw when this occurs. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S10. Kind of inconvenient for everyone.

  • Hey guys,

    Just wanted to give you a heads up that our Fusion 1.6.0 release is being published on apple and google stores as I type this.

    Comes with a lot of goodies from the VSA side =)


  • Server Error: Response status code was unacceptable: 500

    Is the message I get when I try to use Fusion from the IOS app.

    server.address.com:5721 is our address as we don't have port 80 open.  I'm guessing the fusion app can't handle that?