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Kaseya Fusion Mobile App

  • When is this coming out?  The Blog announced it yesterday, and it was also announced back in November 2019, but nothing has been seen as of yet?

  • The Kaseya Fusion app will be released next week!

  • AWESOME - Looking forward to using it - really miss the old service desk app, so this will be a welcome feature!!!

  • This week is here :) what day ?

  • for ios the app is available in the apple appstore since this morning

  • We have VSA only and so far this app seems of less use than even the mobile site.  It may be designed more for BMS users but I can't even run basic procedures (as shown in app screenshot)- it seems that it is simply listing agent and asset info .... is anyone else able to achieve something like the second screenshot on the App Store?

  • for me the vsa app doesn't make much sense either. i could do all this before with the mobile link on vsa. and in bms it's not even possible to start a timer and let it run in the background. too bad... i hope for updates.

  • Hey guys,

    The application is available for both iOS and Android.  

    BMS was the key focus on our initial release to give our users the capability of updating their tickets on the go.  The VSA side is phase I and we have features coming out for VSA mobile such as:

    - Alarm Review

    - Remote Agent Procedure execution

    - Live Connect Components

    - And a few more things =)

  • Oscar, Any thought from Kaseya to it being super misleading and false that the app screenshots already show this?  All we seem to ever hear from Kaseya is promises of something coming or being developed.  This was a big disappointment.

  • You can learn more about the mobile application below:


  • I understand.  Some of our functions on the VSA side were not delivered on the initial release.  

    The good news is the development of some those features are completed/testing or in progress for the future release.

  • I personally think the CRM side would be extremely helpful for all personnel so we can view addresses and phone numbers of clients.

  • I hope they add 2fa support to the VSA side of the app before anything else. I'm certainly not going to disable authanvil for my techs and lower our security just for the convenience of the app.

  • authanvil doesn't work on multiple phones here (android)

    As soon as you get to the logon page, it keeps on 'loading'.

    same with O365 authentication, anyone else solved this issue?

  • trnetwork

    I personally think the CRM side would be extremely helpful for all personnel so we can view addresses and phone numbers of clients.


    In Fusion v1.0, from any ticket, you can drill-in to see the phone number, email, and street address.  If you wish, you can place a call, send an email, or see a map image.  In future versions we'll be looking at launching the phone's default map app (for directions) and we are also considering more exposure for CRM data.