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MSPAssist Integration to Connectwise Manage

  • Just an update on this for all concerned.  MSPAssist has their Agreement billing working now, and it's fantastic!! They completely decoupled the agreement sync from the configuration sync, so it is so much more flexible and configurable than the previous integration written by Connectwise.  

    For the agreement additions everything is dependent on Kaseya Views.  So if you can create a Kaseya view around it then you can update an agreement addition with the quantity.   Say for example you bill a separate higher rate for machines where you have a specific Software package installed.  You can create two separate additions one for "normal" workstations, and one extra for that software package.   Create a Kaseya view for "normal" workstations and for those "special" ones, and update your two separate additions automatically.

  • I haven't been able to get in touch with MSPAssist for over 6 months. They don't respond.

  • We have not been able to get any response from MSPAssist in several months (we tried their original implementation and had to roll it back). Jonathan who is your contact?

  • Honestly I had some issues getting in touch with them shortly after I posted this about one issue with their agreement Sync, but finally got word back from my contact there today on that, not something they've fixed yet, but they at least let me know that they are looking into the issue.  Are you getting the MSPAssist product direct through them or getting it through Kaseya.  If you are getting it through Kaseya, then I'd recommend contacting Kaseya support and letting them shepard things through.

    Otherwise Steve is who I've been dealing with direct with MSP Assist.

  • Hi DanaNMS - email me at steve@mspassist.com and I can step you through what you need to do

  • Hi m.carpenter,  - email me at steve@mspassist.com and I can step you through what you need to do

  • Just to circle back one last time here.  Steve contacted me a couple of days ago to let me know that they tracked down the issue for my one remaining issue with the agreement sync and issued a patch that same day.  Since then my integration has been 100% accurate.  also 100% better than the agreement syncing that was happening with Connectwise's legacy integration.

  • Thanks Jonathan - your help was invaluable.  Anyone wanting to see the integration in action please email: steve@mspassist.com and we can add you to our weekly demo

  • I have a support ticket with Kaseya for mspasst to work for my vsa and is almost one "year" old now. they have done all possible fixes but as this date it is still not working.

    I am not last version/upgrade of my CW which support Managed IT sync.