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MSPAssist Integration to Connectwise Manage

  • Hi

    As I understand what is happening is that ConnectWise searches for"kaseya" in various places as part of the 2019.5 upgrade.  I changed all of my "Kaseya" entries to "K".  Don't know if that will stop the deletions yet as we have not upgraded to 2019.5

    We are working to convert all of the alerts from emails to the MSPassist integration


  • OK It's been several months later now, I'm wondering if there is any kind of updated timeline on this... At this point we're past the date when Connectwise is no longer supporting theirs at all, and in fact will purposefully break it if we update Connectwise Manage...    Any updates?

  • Lots of updates ,  take a read of the following

    Config and Addition Sync : ....


    Cloud Based Ticket Dedupping : ....



  • Love the new additions Paul, I sat in on a demo a week and a half or so ago... Any idea on timeline for release?   Originally I was told we'd have it that same week, but then got an email back from Steve saying they had to pull back because something wasn't quite ready.  Curious on when we can expect to see the new features.

  • Paul,  just wanted to confirm that this is an indication that the Kaseya/Connectwise integration has been released?

  • I'm going to say the answer to that question is *no*. considering the lack of response, and the fact that my account isn't showing any of the "new" stuff yet.  I'm guessing just like with everyone else, that this covid-19 situation if affecting their timelines as well.

  • The automatic timed configuration sync must be turned on for your account by MSP Assist. There isn't currently a UI that exposes it. My company requested it through a rep we were working with, and we now receive a daily report showing the sync results. New configurations are appearing in CW even when there are no tickets associated with them.

  • Ah.. But I'm not talking just about the timed configuration sync... I'm also looking for the billing integration that he has in the notes above :)

    Edit to restate what I'm looking for.
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  • Is everyone moving forward with Connectwise Manage updates or are you waiting on MSPAssist configuration sync features?

  • I had been holding off in the hopes that they could get this done, but it's taking *much* longer than expected, so at this point I'm having to update and deal with the billing on a manual basis for now  :(

  • I should add, the key thing is that if you hold off on the Connectwise updates, then you are in an unsupportable state according to Connectwise support.  So if you have *any* issues with your Manage instance, connectwise won't help you until you get the updates applied.

  • We asked for an update from MSPAssist over a week ago regarding the CW integration and have not had any response. Is there anyone reading this that has implemented the new changes to syncing Configurations and Additions?

  • I've emailed steve three or four times since the webinar where they demoed this for us, and all I've gotten back so far is the sound of chirping crickets.

  • Has anyone successfully updated agreement additions count from configurations? I have configurations in the company. They are "managed workstation" types. They are active and billable.

    I run the management sync using the sync now and get the traditional log, but the machine counts are the same as before with no increase.

    I'm not sure, but I think all ConnectWise broke was the ability to pull from the kaseya web and this agreement addition process was supposed to stay active somehow, but it doesn't appear to be an automatic process at all.

  • Nope, connectwise broke the whole thing. .If you are on the later updates, you'll find that the kaseya option under the managed service integrations is completely removed.  Thus why everyone is clammering for this MSP Assist written integration.  

    I did get an update recently on that that they ran into a few bugs with the first few that they deployed, and they are working through those now and hope to be able to roll it out "soon".