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Network Status link missing from 9.5?

  • We just updated to 9.5 over the weekend and a feature that was important to us is now missing........there was an icon on the top bar which would show all the machines in a group/view along with their IP addresses and what gateway IP they are connecting to the VSA through.  This was a quick way to determine if a primary internet link had failed over and just to quickly grab a customer external IP.  There is a new link that looks like a radio tower but it doesn't provide any useful information.......Is this feature gone, moved or broken?


  • Just found it is still there if I switch back to the old interface.....would be nice to have it in the new one

  • We currently use It and it is still there, you just need to go through your user and scope permissions to re-enable it in the status bar for your users.

  • Buried in permissions...

    Systems>User Security>User Roles> Pick a role > Access Roles> Set roles access roles Then dive deep into.. Root> Kaseya VSA >Notification Bar >Notification Bar Items

  • Thanks for the replies Datalyst....I responded yesterday but apparently the system is not accepting emailed replies from me.    As Master (with everything enabled by default) or a new role -- with everything enabled directly, there is still no Status link that I can see.  In the old interface it is above the left side menu next to help and two other buttons.....and it is still there if I revert to the old gui


  • See screenshot.  Top right of screenshot what looks like a wifi icon provides the Machine network Status for us

  • SS.pdf

    Ah yes....that is not the one we are looking for.  See attached for the link I am talking about.

    Hopefully, this link will come back in the next update along with bookmarks and help.  For now, we are using the classic interface so we can get to the tools we need.

    Thanks again for responding

  • Unfortunately, the one you are referencing has changed to the one I presented.  Both are the same and provide the same info but now in a different GUI.  I did not screenshot the whole window so my screenshot view is limited.