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Kaseya VSA Management Dashboard

  • Hi

    I am using the management dashboard for our wall board as a good way to monitor offline servers. It would be good if there was any way that it could be customised or if there is an alternative simple solution. Im more interested in monitoring my servers - disk space being the main one for me right now. Also services that have stopped. Just a few "at a glance" checks.

    Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

  • I suggest to join our community on discord as this topic was discussed at different levels:


  • Thanks, Oscar. I hae signed up. Now just need to figure out how it all works!

  • Approved.

  • I ahve just signed up, can i be approved too (BPNL)

  • Oscar - is there a specific chat/section on the app that discusses what I was asking regarding management dashboard?

  • We have different channels around different subject area's of VSA/BMS/Traverse/Integrations and so forth.

  • Hi Oscar - would be interested in joining your discord community too but that link has expired.Any chance of a fresh invite?

  • Sure


  • Hi

    can i get the invitation too?