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Pushing updates via Kaseya

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I'm looking for a way to push windows updates to our computers connected onto our network. Is there a way to do this via Kaseya? If so, would this hog up all of our WAN?

Any input is welcome. Thanks!

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  • A nice broad question here, ;-), with 2 options to do it at this time. Patch Management and Software Management in Kaseya will both do this for you and for Windows patching both are free and only need a Kaseya agent to work. The difference I found between the two is significant.

    Patch Management is the older product here and that shows in a more rounded product where you have the settings you might need and as a basic tool this works okay-ish. SInce it's been around for so long it lacks the controls you'd like for Windows 10 and 2016. But it does give you easy control to spread the actual patching.

    Software Management was introduced as the successor some 3 years ago now. They left out a few things and in my experience it's a bit suspect, although I must mention a lot of effort has gone into making this better and that effort is very close or even at the point of making this the better product. One benefit is the possibility you get (by paying for it) to patch 3rd party software like Adobe Reader, 7Zip, Firefox, Java and such. Not a complete list, but useful and meant to compete / replace the likes of Ninite. The option to spread out patching for a group of agents over time, which is default in scheduling, is still missing here, although on the verge of being added.

    There are people enjoying both products and both can serve your needs. Good luck testing them out....

  • Hi Eric,

    Thank you for replying. I wanted to see if there was a guide to use software management. Would you happen to know of any?

  • @robrm_helpdesk,   Take a look at this:


    Make sure you have the latest patch installed (.22), which has some major improvements for SM.