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VSA-PSA Data Sync

  • What features would be desirable in a RMM to PSA sync tool, now that CW has officially terminated support for their VSA-CW product?

    • Ability to define custom field-field mapping?
    • Continuous vs. Batch sync?
    • Support for specific PSA's?
    • Anything else?


  • @gbarnas,   I think there are 3 potential values to RMM/PSA integration.

    1) Import and update of Configuration records so that you can link tickets and alerts to specific machines, either manually tagging them when an end-user opens a ticket, or automatically tagging them using parsing rules when an alert comes in.

    2)  2-way ticket flow -  Tickets opened in RMM are created in PSA.  TIckets closed in PSA are closed in RMM...  

    3)  Billing updates.  Once of the functions of the CW billing module was to update counts in Agreements for billing (or if you are AYCE, at least cost accounting).  There is no replacement solution for this as of yet, although MSPAssist seems to be working on it.

    I am not sure how much RMM data synched back to PSA is valuable?   Maybe some, but for the most part, it is a click or two to get into Kaseya and see that data if you need it.  Why duplicate it?

    Obviously a real-time sync would be great for configurations, but I think even a daily batch would suffice.

    Not sure value in looking at other PSAs, since they mostly seem to have built-in support.

    Feel free to reach out anytime you want to bounce ideas.   Chris.