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Does anyone know of a good way to look up the warranty dates for you devices in Kaseya that is not Warranty Master?  We're on SaaS so Warranty Master is not an option for me.  I have about 700 machines to look up just to get us up to date.

We're an HP shop and a quick Googling shows that you now have to request the API from HP if you're going to use something to query the status.  Realistically i only need to do a single lookup for the 700'ish machines we have.  The newer ones we're entering the warranty dates in our asset management setup so I just need to go through the already deployed equipment out there.

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  • Trevor,

    Is Warranty Master not an option BECAUSE your on SaaS?  Warranty Mater uses an API login mimicking a  user session, so it can work with SaaS.  You may need to open a Kaseya support ticket requesting API's be turned on for your tenant but I expect it will just work.  If this is an option, I recommend creating a dedicated System account for WarrantyMaster to use.


  • Quick google shows this www.powershellgallery.com/.../2.6.2 Power shell addon which can show the warranty date which you could export to a customer variable

  • Kirk, I spoke to someone for Warranty Master after I had signed up to take a look at it last year.  While on the phone I mentioned that I couldn't find the API option in Kaseya and was told that it's only available for the on-prem Kaseya.

  • Nathan, I saw a couple of those but none have updates after the November or December HP change regarding the API usage.  From a couple of other results Dell and HP changed their systems in regards to making requests like that.