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how to create a view based on installed application

  • ie i would like to create a view that only shows computers with a specific application such as display all windows computers that have carbonite backup installed..

    also a display view for all windows servers that have Windows backup installed... 

  • Our standard method is to define the following View settings:

    Machine Status:

    • Select "Show machines that are not suspended"*

    OS Info: 

    • Restrict to a specific O/S where appropriate.


    • Select "Contains"
    • Specify the application executable name
    • Optional - select "Version string is" and set the comparison and value

    *Most of our views ignore suspended machines.

    We provide about 30 such views in our RMM Suite and they follow this general format. Occasionally, we restrict it to a specific O/S version, but use the Advanced Filter instead of the OS Info filter to include or exclude combinations of versions.


  • Hi Andrew, if you have an exe as reference, the application field in "View Definitions" is how do it (help.kaseya.com/.../9020000) but i presume you don't have an exe to go on.

    The only other way i know of is this:


  • , the way that Glenn describes is the best way, but there are some caveats.  First, you must have run a successful audit in order to have this information logged, it is NOT real time.  2nd, the way this audit is run, if the .EXE that you are looking for exists ANYWHERE on the machine if will show up in the filter, whether it is "installed" or not.

    If this is critical, then the only way to get an accurate inventory is by running an agent procedure to either audit for the file itself, or audit Add/Remove programs, and either updating a custom field, or by writing to procedure log entry and running a report.

    We have a new script that we just released in ClubMSP (Membership required), called "Programs Installed (Prompt for Name).  It will search through Add/Remove Programs for any Key word and will upload it to documents, email it to you, and write it to the Agent Procedure log so you can report on it.

    Here is the link: clubmsp.com/.../programs-installed-prompt-for-name

  • As mentioned by the best way to do this is to identify an executable that is specific to the application that you are looking for such as 'carboniteui.exe' for your Carbonite view.