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Kaseya Backup folder with blank Archive folders

  • Currently our system is only showing 2 current backups occurring in the backup folder.  Meanwhile for some reason there is a ton of empty Archive folders and each day still gets a new one for some reason.  How do I get the .bak files to dump into these archive folders?  how do I rotate old archive folders out? 

  • Hi @athompson,

    Are you refering VSA's DB backup?

    In that case, make sure you have enough space for a new backup copy.

    I think Kaseya's recomendation is to have free space to more than double the size of your DB.

  • Thanks for responding.  How do I specifically find our Kaseya’s software name?  All I know is we have Patch level and System Version, and Customer ID MSMHTL.  I think I posted that we are getting only 2 current backups.  Each of these equal 3.99 and 3.98GB.  The hard drive is 15.8 GB free of 139gb.

    Today we freed up more space on our hard drive and it's now 50GB free of 174gb.  Any further advise?

  • You're welcome.

    Sorry I think I misunderstood your question:

    Kaseya's SQL maintenance plan only includes 2 backup copies (incidentally you may have 3 of them while processing). If you prefer a different plan, you should open a ticket with support so they can assist you whats the best way to keeps things running smoothly with other software. Because after each backup the VSA runs multiple other internal stuff to keep VSA healthy, you have to replace this in other way.

    What do you mean with "Kaseya's software name"?

    I think you have some on-premise edition of VSA. The acronym use to mean "Virtual Server Administrator", don't know if it still does. Kaseya do have other product but they are mostly cloud/SaaS based.

    Within VSA you may have some other "modules". Some mandatory, some optional, and some with extra cost.

    You may find what you have in your VSA under "System > Server Management > License Manager > General".

    My suggestion is talk to your customer Success Advocate (or CSX).  I even could ask him or her to give you access to the free courses for the VSA platform.



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  • Thank you Jose.  I understand our setup now.