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Product Update

  • I have registered several times for the product update that is going on right now (11 AM EST) and I have yet to get a link to the webinar.  Does anyone have this link?

  • Same here. No link.

  • Hey guys,

    If you registered you should have received the email.  For those who have not, the link is below for the next session:


    For those who did register, you will receive a recording once it is finalized.

  • Oscar,

    We have filled out the registration several times and we don't get ANY emails with the link.  It isn't just us.  Spam folder was checked as well.

  • I just confirmed with our Marketing Manager and did not see a registration active for your account.  We have registered you.

    Feel free to PM to discuss.

  • Has this video for the webinar been uploaded somewhere yet?

  • Recording will be finalized early next week.

  • Hey Guys,

    Good Morning/Afternoon.

    The recording has been posted:


  • Still no mention of getting rid of Flash for the procedure editor :(

  • Yes it is 2018 who uses flash anymore? it is slow cranky and unsupported on major platforms.

  • Rhetorical question: -> And how long has HTML5 been out? XD

  • Remember the announcement from Kaseya Connect 2017:   You know, right after the iteration of Password Injection, then Device Support (to include VMWare and Chromebook),  End-User Surveilance..... Kaseya Automation Builder?  Where they showed a new procedure editor that no longer utilized Flash.  What happened to that?

  • I finally got a chance to watch this, and i really didn't see anything in here that we weren't promised at Connect in May (as well as a few very noticeable absences of items we were promised in May Connect).   I think these sorts of updates are useful, but i have to say this feels very, very late to be announcing that the product improvement you showed us in May are 'possibly' happening in February.  

    I think Kaseya overall is a powerful tool - i just wish i didn't constantly feel like the company is underdelivering on promises, keeping us in the dark, and that if you can't meet realistic goals or promises that you start having a conversation with your customers about that prior to very end of the year.  

    You guys can be better, and 90% of that is just deciding to be transparent with your clients and engaging them.

  • , Ask this a lot to my Adv. but no answer same at Connect 2018. Was hoping they focus on Interface and update the Agent Procedure module and the VSA Core modules, but looks like to focus more on new products then the Core..

  • Kaseya has always seemed to focus on developing new products that replace core functionality and then charge additional $$$ for it ... This methodology has been there since the very first takeover ... The original product was an all-inclusive does everything for you product ... I understand growth, and the need to make more $$$ for additional functionality ... BUT it becomes ridiculous when the original features are re-worked and then re-sold under a new module, and to help the functionality gets broken or removed from the original product.